Will you be taking your dog with you on your next business trip? If you and your pup will be staying at a hotel, you're probably nervous that he'll raise a ruckus when he's left alone in your room. He'll be in a strange place, with strange noises and unfamiliar smells -- the perfect combination of things to bring on a full-fledged separation anxiety attack.

Don't make poor old Fido stay home because he gets a bit lippy when left to his own devices. Instead, bring him along and quell his barking with the below 4 tips for keeping your dog quiet when he's alone in a pet-friendly hotel room you found at places like GoDoggy Vacations

1.  Take Long Morning Walks Together

It's hard to feel anxious when you're tired; schedule a nice long jaunt in the park for you and your companion each morning. Try to find a park where you can let your friend run off-leash so he can really wear down his energy level before you leave to take care of business for the day.

Your dog picks up a lot more information from his environment than you do. He'll experience all kinds of sensations while on your walk together -- the feel of the grass on his feet, whiffs of curious canines who have walked in his path before him -- it's the human equivalent of going to a theme park, or a college rave party. 

Since most dogs require roughly 14 hours of sleep a day, Rover won't have any choice but to crash and burn with a nice long nap after returning from his morning splendor.

2.  Leave The Television On

If your hotel room doesn't include cable or satellite service, it's a good idea to spring for it. Having some background noise will make your puppy-pal feel less alone while you're out. Furthermore, your dog is likely to unleash his vocals if he hears people in the hallways or in bordering rooms; the sound of the television can help mask these triggers.

3.  Build The Ultimate Time-Killer

You've probably seen those hard rubber dog toys that have holes in them for treat-hiding fun. The toys are indestructible and immensely interesting to your pup, but not quite enough to keep him occupied for the time equivalent of a full day's work. 

Get a treat-hiding toy for your four-legged kin, but vamp it up so the challenge will take him a little longer to complete. Instead of sticking a treat or two inside the hollow, pack that thing tight with dog food, and all kinds of edible treasures. Dog-friendly human foods include peanut butter, baby carrots, cheese, and apple slices. 

Once you've got the toy filled to the brim with irresistible goodies, stick it in the freezer overnight. Freezing it will greatly prolong the amount of time it takes your dog to work his way to the good stuff.

Pull the toy out and give it to your dog right before you leave the hotel room; he'll be impressed with the challenge you've presented him with and will spend all day licking down that block of ice inside the toy's hole to get the bounty of nom noms you've bestowed upon him. 

4.  Don't Lavish Him With Love Before You Leave

Your furry bundle of joy feeds off of your energy. If you freak out and get all excited on him right before you leave, he's going to respond with an equal level of excitement. The problem is, you'll be gone, and that excitement will manifest as constant, annoying barking, whining, and whimpering that the guests in the bordering rooms will have to endure.

It's understandable that you're happy to see your dog after a long day of business meetings, but try to refrain from immediately showering him with attention.

Instead, try not to look at or speak to your pup for a few minutes following your return to your temporary home. Once he's totally calm and not jumping about, then it's okay to reinforce his good behavior by giving him some loving and rubbing. 

If have business dealings that require you to be away from home, don't be afraid to bring your dog with you to a pet-friendly hotel. With the above 4 tips, it will be a vacation for him, and he'll be far too calm, content, and tuckered to waste his time barking away the day.