Many people are relying on hotel accommodations for business and pleasure these days. Whether you're staying at a hotel while on vacation, planning a stopover during your overnight business trip, or combining the two, it's nice to feel comfortable and pampered. With the use of modern technology, hotels are offering lots of ways to make even a short stay more pleasurable. Everything from Smart Phone room access to robotic butlers are making guests feel like they've entered a new realm of luxury.

It's Reality

The next time you book a hotel, inquire about the amenities and you may be pleasantly surprised. While you may expect services such as free WIFI or heated swimming pool, you might not expect to find a robot maid bringing you an extra bar of soap. Here are a few of the latest services designed to indulge the weary (or energetic) traveler:

1. A Robotic Butler

Imagine a hotel utilizing a robot to bring guests towels or room service. It may sound futuristic, but a west coast hotel has employed this mechanical human-like cyborg to fill the position. If it goes over well, there's no telling how many hotels will follow suit.

What's the reasoning for hiring a robotic servant? For one thing, it helps the hotel run a more efficient business. By enlisting the robotic butler to deliver room-to-room, staff members are free to complete other work. This saves time and may rev up production.

How does the robot work? The computerized device can be programmed. Apparently, there is a keypad and small touch-screen on the front of the robot, designed for human-to-cyborg interaction. Employees and guests may take part in the exchange.

2. A Special Suite for Pets

Did you know that some hotels are now pampering pets, considering them welcomed guests? Next time you travel with your furry, four-legged companion, you might want to inquire about the pampered pet suite. Some hotels offer a custom pet bed, designer feeding bowls, pet treats and complementary dog (or cat) toy. While staying in such a hotel, you may be inclined to believe it's a dog's world after all.

3. Champagne Bubble Bath

Yes, it is quite possible and has been done. Some hotels are offering their pampered guests a relaxing bubble bath that is actually filled with the alcoholic "bubbly". Considering it may take several dozen bottles of champagne to fill the heated tub, this amenity does not come cheap. Furthermore, don't be surprised if the champagne bubble bath is drawn by a robotic butler that appears to be transported straight from the Jetsons.

4. Clubhouse for the Kids

Some resort hotels offer a clubhouse designed to entertain young guests – and the young at heart. You may find swimming pools, water slides, even exotic petting zoos. How about a wildlife field guide at your disposal? A safari adventure at a lodging resort? Yes, it's been done.

5. Aqua Aerobics With Personal Instructor

During your next stay at a popular luxury hotel, why not inquire about an aqua aerobics class? This idea seems to have caught on swimmingly. Guests receive the benefit of fitness and water therapy at the same time. Some find it relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

6. Room Access Via Your Smart Phone

These days, everyone is jumping on the mobile technology bandwagon. If you have a Smart Phone and the proper installed app, you just might find yourself using your mobile device to access your hotel room. Making hotel key-entry a thing of the past, a well-known hotel chain has integrated mobile technology into their services.

This innovation allows guests to open their hotel room doors using their cell phones. With this mobile technology, it's also possible to actually reserve the room of your choice.

If you are determined to step into the future, the opportunity is there. Enjoy your stay!