The release of Pokemon Go has people traveling all around the world, looking for different ways to catch Pokemon, train them, and battle. Traveling from location to location in a vehicle is ideal for hitting up multiple spots, but the game should not be played while driving. Riding in a taxi is one of the more ideal options to consider while playing Pokemon Go. It allows you to get transported nearly anywhere and still give you the full ability to play the game while traveling. Before hailing just any taxi in the street, you should be fully prepared to book a taxi that can accommodate your needs and allow you to focus on all of your gaming abilities. Use this guide to choose the best options and get the most fun out of playing Pokemon Go.

Taxi Service Booking

Instead of just grabbing a random taxi, you can reserve a taxi online for your playing sessions. These reservations will guarantee that you have the transportation you need while heading out to play the game. A typical taxi ride offers spot to spot transportation services. By booking a taxi cab ahead of time, you can select a specific amount of time that you want the taxi cab for. Aside from the pick-up location, the taxi will travel to multiple locations during the time frame that you booked it for.

When playing Pokemon Go, this has several advantages. A lot of Pokemon are available at local settings like parks. A taxi can drop you off at park and wait for a specific amount of time until you're ready to travel to the next location. During your scheduled taxi time, you have the opportunity to hit up multiple locations during a single session and do not have to worry about getting a new taxi each time you leave the vehicle. As you play, the app may showcase other new locations, giving you some extra side stops to choose along the way.

Wi-Fi Connections

Pokemon Go uses internet connections to download data and update various features like GPS. Instead of draining through your data plan, you can search for taxi cabs that feature Wi-Fi service. Some of the Wi-Fi service is free of charge while other taxis may add an extra fee. The Wi-Fi connection can make your game-playing more stable and offer a smoother connection while riding in a taxi. You can easily connect to other players and do not have to worry about losing a signal. When a taxi is driving around, certain streets or areas may have low cell phone connectivity. A Wi-Fi connection can give you uninterrupted no matter where the vehicle is located. Depending on the signal strength, you may even get to use it when hunting for Pokemon outside of the vehicle.

Group Taxis

The Pokemon Go app was made with group playing in mind. As you team up with other players, you can book taxi rides together so everyone can play. One of the main advantages of playing together in a group is cost savings. The more people you ride with, the less direct cost that comes out of your own pocket. By pooling your money together, you may actually be able to afford a longer taxi ride and have longer game sessions.

When booking a taxi for a group of people, you should consider the type of vehicle that you are booking. Many taxi companies offer a mini-van style taxi cab with extra seating for everyone in your party. This allows everyone to sit comfortably and play the game without being too tightly packed inside of the ride.

Booking a taxi for game playing can really enhance the fun and opportunities you have to play. Contact taxi service companies, such as White Top Cab Company, to find out prices and fees on various services.