Hosting your wedding at a hotel can consist of more than just your ceremony and reception. If you have many guests coming from out of town, hosting a weeding weekend at a hotel can provide a memorable event for you and keep your guests entertained. Here are just some of the many options you can consider for your wedding weekend at a hotel.

Cocktail Reception

While you may decide to host a rehearsal dinner the night before your wedding, this will typically only consist of close friends and family. You can invite everyone to your wedding weekend by hosting a cocktail reception at the hotel's bar. This gives the bride and groom's families the chance to meet and mingle before the wedding, and it offers a fun way to kick off your wedding weekend.

Ladies' Brunch

Hosting a ladies' brunch the day before your wedding is a wonderful option if many of your guests were not able to travel to your wedding shower. Work with the hotel's event planners to set up a brunch in a private suite or banquet room, and use this space for a brunch/shower that makes all of the women in your family feel welcome. While the ladies are brunching, the men can have their own event, such as at a local golf course or sports bar.

Spa Services

Spa services can give you and your guests the chance to relax before the wedding, and it can also give you the chance to get ready for the big event. Consider scheduling spa services for you and your wedding party early in the morning of your wedding day, and ask the spa inside the hotel to block time throughout the day before for your guests. If the hotel also has a salon, consider scheduling hair and nail services to follow massages or other spa treatments. 

Wedding Breakfast

Some couples choose to have a wedding breakfast the day after the ceremony and reception. This is typically limited to close friends and family, and it provides a chance to open cards and gifts while sharing one last meal before the weekend is over. You can host this in a private banquet room, or you may want to hold it in the hotel's restaurant. Be sure to schedule late enough in the morning so that you and your guests have a good night's rest before heading to this party.

Before you book a hotel like Georgios Banquets, Quality Inn & Suites Conference Centre for your wedding weekend, make sure that it has the facilities and services available to support these fun activities. Ask whether or not the hotel can set you up with an event planner or concierge who can work with you to ensure all your events go smoothly.