If you have a small company and you are trying to come up with some ideas for a company picnic then you may want to consider doing the following:

Locate a large park that's within a few hours of where the company is located

Find a large park that has a lot to offer that you can get to in a few hours of driving. It's best if the park has hiking trails, streams and a lake, barbecue areas and a nice playground for the kids. Contact the local parks and recs department in the area where the park is located and make sure you have all of the necessary permits and permissions to have your company picnic at that location. Also, you may need to reserve an area ahead of time so you should call and take care of these things months in advance so you know you can get the spot you want.

Put out several memos letting all employees know the date

Since your company picnic is going to be out of the area it's even more important for you to let everyone know the date and all the details as far in advance as possible. This way, they will have the time needed to make any arrangements they have to.

Assign tasks to those who have committed to going

Assigning tasks to the employees who have 100% committed to going will help you to get all of the preparations done much easier. You also want to make sure you are going to have plenty of food. The company can pick up the tab for the entire thing, or you can see if it would be better to do it in more of a potluck fashion where each of the employees contribute a food dish or food item.

Hire a charter bus for transportation

Since your venue will be a good distance from the company you should hire a charter bus like First Class Charter to bring everyone to and from the park. There are a lot of benefits to doing this. One benefit is that going in a charter bus allows everyone to visit and have a good time during the entire drive. Also, the charter bus will offer its own amenities such as the ability to watch movies during the trip and possibly even enjoy cocktails during the drive there and back. It also allows the families to have more of a chance to get to know one another before getting to the park so everyone will be more engaging during the picnic.