If you signed up for a charter bus trip that will involve visiting a casino and watching a theatrical performance in a town that is located several hundred miles from your home, make the most of the road trip by trying the following activities while you are spending time on the bus.

Relax While Listening To Soft Sounds

Pack a tote bag that includes a battery-operated fan, neck pillow, gel mask, blanket, audio recordings of soft music or sounds of nature, and a portable headset. After boarding the bus, attempt to make yourself comfortable by placing the pillow around your neck, securing the gel mask over your eyes, and covering up with the blanket. If the temperature in the bus is warm, turn on the fan and aim the blades toward your face.

Listen to the recordings that you prepared, and let yourself escape from any commotion that is occurring around you. Envision that you have arrived at the destination and are having a great time or that you are in an isolated outdoor location reveling in the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Write A Story Or Poem About The Scenery

Bring a journal and pen on the trip, and gaze out the window to view the scenery that you are provided with. Pay close attention to unique vehicles, monuments, or natural features that you see and use the objects as a guide to help you write a fictional story. For instance, envision that you are a driver on the road or visiting one of the landmarks that you have spotted and describe a situation that you would like to experience in your lifetime.

If you are someone who enjoys poetry, write a poem about what you see out the window and use descriptive words to provide the poetic piece with an honest representation of what you have perceived.

Take Photographs And Create Captions For A Photo Album

Plan to bring your cell phone or a portable camera along on the trip. Besides providing you with a way to contact the outside world or take pictures of the casino and theater where the performance will be taking place, these items can prove useful during the bus trip.

Take pictures of captivating scenic views, buildings, or roadways. After taking each picture, write a caption in a notebook that can be added underneath each photo one you have printed a copy of the pictures. After arriving home, place the pictures in a photo album and add the captions underneath them so that you can share your memories of the bus trip with friends and family. Bus trips through companies like Werner Coach are even more enjoyable with the entertainment tips above.