If you are planning a trip by yourself and planning to fly, you may be apprehensive. This is especially true because you are flying for the first time. To help you feel better, below are some tips on what you need to do to get started, as well as setting up transportation for when you arrive at your destination:

First Steps

Make sure you have a photo ID to take with you to the airport, such as your driver's license. You also need to make sure your luggage meets requirements the airline has set. In most cases, you will be allowed to bring one carry on item, as well as a personal item, such as your purse. Some airlines have a weight limit for the luggage you are bringing with you. Go to the website of the airline that you are using to determine what their requirements are.  You will likely have to pay baggage fees also.

If you did not get a set seat while you booked your flight, tell the agent you are speaking with that you would like a window seat if you prefer.

There are also requirements for the bag that you are carrying on with you, such as the size, what you pack inside of it, such as liquid rules.

The airline you are using may have some of their own requirements so make sure you check on their website.

Private Airport Transportation

Instead of using a traditional taxi or renting a car, you can use private airport transportation, which offers you many benefits.  For example, many times you will have to wait in a long line for a taxi. With private transportation, you step off the plane and immediately step into the taxi.  There is also a set price that you will have to pay. This is much better than not knowing how much you will have to pay the taxi driver by the time you reach your destination. You can prepay for the private transportation, which makes things much easier.  

The driver will help you load your luggage, and the taxi will likely be much more comfortable than a traditional taxi. The driver will also be very friendly and answer any questions you may have about the area.

Contact a private transportation company like St. Lucia's Best in the area you are traveling to and they can give you much more information about the services they offer.