Being out on the water in a sailboat is a great experience that many people learn to love. Unfortunately, there is a chance that seasickness may ruin the experience. This problem is particularly noticeable on a sailboat. Thankfully, catamarans provide a safer alternative that is better for those with seasickness.

Seasickness Is Motion Sickness

Seasickness is the same problem that occurs in those with motion sickness. It occurs when the movement of an artificial vehicle does not match the eyes' perception. It causes a person to become dizzy and leads to serious sickness. In many cases, this leads to a person being sick for the entire length of a trip.

While this problem can strike anybody on a boat, it is typically more common in people who have suffered from motion sickness in the past. It is also a particular problem on sailboats, so much so that some people can't get on sailboats at all.

Why It Is Particularly Common On Sailboats

Larger boats typically don't cause as much seasickness because the movement is usually not as pronounced. However, sailboats move up and down at a more rapid speed because of their size and build. As a result, a person who has never sailed before often ends up experiencing high levels of seasickness that may be surprising.

Typically, there isn't much anybody can do for seasickness but try to remain still and calm. Bouts of nausea are likely to recur throughout the trip and make it a miserable situation for everybody involved. However, catamaran sailboats may make a healthier alternative to other types of sailboats. Why is that the case?

Catamarans Are A Level Boat

One of the main features of a catamaran sail boat is that they are more level than other types of boats. While they obviously rise and fall with the waves, they typically tilt at a five degree angle. Other sailboats can dip as far as 25 degrees in choppy water. As a result, those with motion sickness are a lot less likely to suffer from seasickness.

Another nice feature of these types of boats is that they have a cabin underneath the deck where people can sit if they feel seasickness about to strike. These cabins are generally comfortable and have amenities such as a bathroom and games to play. While most people obviously want to spend time on deck during a trip, a stop in the cabin can be a great way to calm the stomach.

As a result, those who suffer from seasickness should consider a catamaran tour for their next sailing trip. It might just give them the stable and level experience they need to learn how to love sailing without getting sick.