The COVID-19 pandemic has canceled travel plans for a lot of people around the country. However, you might be planning a short trip if you have a serious desire to travel and you feel as though you can do so safely. While you may wish to avoid areas that are heavily crowded, you can still safely find many things to do in the area while you're on vacation. The itinerary that you come up with for yourself will depend on your areas of interest and what attractions are available where you're traveling, but here are some COVID-safe things to do during your trip.

Self-Guided Walking Tours

Self-guided walking tours are popular choices for a lot of people, but this activity can especially be a good choice during the pandemic. Compared to a group tour, a self-guided tour allows you to see a wide variety of sights without a large crowd of other people around you. For example, if you're visiting a city that has a rich history, a self-guided walking tour will allow you to visit different historical buildings and other attractions to learn about them. You can do so at your own pace, which means that if you encounter a crowd in one area, you can simply walk ahead on your own to ensure that you keep a safe distance from others.


Many golf courses have remained open during the pandemic, using a variety of efforts to encourage players to keep their distance from one another. If you're visiting an area that is known for its exciting golfing scene, you may wish to pack your clubs and book a round or two. Whether you're playing with a family member or by yourself, this is an ideal COVID-safe activity because the wide-open spaces allow you to avoid getting close to anyone else.

Drive-In Movies

The pandemic has likely limited or completely eliminated the number of times that you've visited movie theaters to watch films. While watching movies at home can be enjoyable, there's nothing like seeing them on a big screen. Do some research online to see if the area that you'll be visiting has a drive-in theater. These venues are still popular across the country, allowing movie buffs to sit in the comfort of their vehicles and watch a movie or two while enjoying some snacks. This can be a fun way to unwind during the evening, and you'll feel confident in your safety because you won't come in contact with any other people.