When you're on a cruise, it can be fun to take advantage of the numerous dining options that are available to you. Eating sizable meals from the ship's buffet, enjoying drinks in bars and around the swimming pool, and perhaps even ordering room service for some late-night snacking can all be fun. If you expect to indulge to some degree, you may wish to also ensure that you stay active to burn off the calories that you'll be consuming. Working out in the ship's gym can be an option, but there are several other opportunities for you to consider.

Fitness Class

If you struggle with the motivation to visit the cruise ship's gym to work out on your own, one opportunity that may appeal to you is taking part in a fitness class. You'll often find that both indoor and outdoor classes are available, so you can browse the schedule to look for something that appeals to you. For example, a cardio fitness class will feature an upbeat instructor who helps you and your fellow passengers get moving. These classes occur regularly, so you may even wish to think about booking one for each day of the cruise to help you stay active.

Shore Excursions

Shore excursions can significantly boost your enjoyment of taking a cruise. When you evaluate the options that are available in each area, you'll find that some offer more activity than others. For example, you might find a shore excursion that consists of a hike through jungle-like terrain. This tour will provide more physical activity than visiting a museum or shopping at local stores, for example, and can be a good choice for anyone who wants to stay active on their vacation.


Don't overlook the value of walking as a way to stay active while you're on your cruise. If you get in the habit of taking a walk around the ship deck each day, you might be surprised at how many steps you accrue if you're in the habit of tracking your steps. The large size of many cruise ships means that a walk around the entire perimeter of the ship provides plenty of activity. You'll likely see other passengers taking these walks, especially early in the morning before the weather gets warm. If you make a commitment to start each day of your vacation with this type of activity, you'll be pleased with your ability to stay active throughout the trip.

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