Visiting the beautiful island of St. Thomas is a dream getaway, but when you add a boat charter to your excursion list, it sends the vacation to new heights. If you want the chance to enjoy the pristine Caribbean waters during your St. Thomas vacation, learn why it is so important to book your boat charter in advance.

1. Seasonal Availability

If you are planning to visit the island during a high travel season, such as the winter months, it is generally necessary to book a charter well in advance. During these periods, more people head to the island to escape the cold of the north. More travelers with similar interests as yours mean that there is no guarantee an option will be available once you arrive. As soon as you decide on the destination, go ahead and make your charter reservation.

2. Itinerary Planning

Even if you are lucky enough to find a charter last minute, there is no guarantee it will fit perfectly within your planned itinerary. For example, there might only be a charter available on the day you had already booked a spa experience. When you book in advance, you have the opportunity to schedule a charter for the period you want without having to make changes to your itinerary. 

3. Charter Cost

All charter companies are different, but typically, these companies will offer lower rates for reservations placed well in advance, especially when it comes to periods of high travel. While a boat charter in St. Thomas is a true luxury experience, there is no rule that states you cannot save money on these experiences. By booking early, you will likely be able to guarantee a lower rate. You can use the money to upgrade the type of boat you take or for some other part of your trip.

4. Vessel Selection

A boat charter can take shape in a variety of different ways. You can have something as simple as a bareboat charter or something as lavish as a yacht charter. When you book in advance, there will likely be a more extensive selection of available vessels for you to choose from so that you can pick the type of charter experience that you want, not just pick from what is left to choose from.

Having all your activities planned before you arrive is the best way to have as carefree of a vacation as possible. Make sure you book your boat charter in advance. For more information, contact a company like Seas the Day.