Pokemon Go On The Go: A Guide To Playing The App During Taxi Rides

The release of Pokemon Go has people traveling all around the world, looking for different ways to catch Pokemon, train them, and battle. Traveling from location to location in a vehicle is ideal for hitting up multiple spots, but the game should not be played while driving. Riding in a taxi is one of the more ideal options to consider while playing Pokemon Go. It allows you to get transported nearly anywhere and still give you the full ability to play the game while traveling. Before hailing just any taxi in the street, you should be fully prepared to book a taxi that can accommodate your needs and allow you to focus on all of your gaming abilities. Use this guide to choose the best options and get the most fun out of playing Pokemon Go.

Taxi Service Booking

Instead of just grabbing a random taxi, you can reserve a taxi online for your playing sessions. These reservations will guarantee that you have the transportation you need while heading out to play the game. A typical taxi ride offers spot to spot transportation services. By booking a taxi cab ahead of time, you can select a specific amount of time that you want the taxi cab for. Aside from the pick-up location, the taxi will travel to multiple locations during the time frame that you booked it for.

When playing Pokemon Go, this has several advantages. A lot of Pokemon are available at local settings like parks. A taxi can drop you off at park and wait for a specific amount of time until you’re ready to travel to the next location. During your scheduled taxi time, you have the opportunity to hit up multiple locations during a single session and do not have to worry about getting a new taxi each time you leave the vehicle. As you play, the app may showcase other new locations, giving you some extra side stops to choose along the way.

Wi-Fi Connections

Pokemon Go uses internet connections to download data and update various features like GPS. Instead of draining through your data plan, you can search for taxi cabs that feature Wi-Fi service. Some of the Wi-Fi service is free of charge while other taxis may add an extra fee. The Wi-Fi connection can make your game-playing more stable and offer a smoother connection while riding in a taxi. You can easily connect to other players and do not have to worry about losing a signal. When a taxi is driving around, certain streets or areas may have low cell phone connectivity. A Wi-Fi connection can give you uninterrupted no matter where the vehicle is located. Depending on the signal strength, you may even get to use it when hunting for Pokemon outside of the vehicle.

Group Taxis

The Pokemon Go app was made with group playing in mind. As you team up with other players, you can book taxi rides together so everyone can play. One of the main advantages of playing together in a group is cost savings. The more people you ride with, the less direct cost that comes out of your own pocket. By pooling your money together, you may actually be able to afford a longer taxi ride and have longer game sessions.

When booking a taxi for a group of people, you should consider the type of vehicle that you are booking. Many taxi companies offer a mini-van style taxi cab with extra seating for everyone in your party. This allows everyone to sit comfortably and play the game without being too tightly packed inside of the ride.

Booking a taxi for game playing can really enhance the fun and opportunities you have to play. Contact taxi service companies, such as White Top Cab Company, to find out prices and fees on various services.

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Five Items To Bring And Five To Leave At Home When Traveling To A Beach Resort

Heading to a sunny beach for a few days is a great way to let the stress melt away as you take a break from work and the hassles of daily life. Make sure you have the best time possible by packing wisely. Here’s a look at five commonly forgotten, but very useful items to bring with you, as well as five things you’re better off leaving at home.

Items to Pack

1. More than one bathing suit: When you’re at a beach resort, you’re going to spend most of your time lounging in the sand and playing in the surf. Your bathing suit may not have enough time to dry between uses, and putting on a wet suit is never fun. If you bring two or more suits, you can take one off, change for dinner, and then put a fresh, dry one on before heading back out on the beach for the evening.

2. A light jacket: Many people forget to bring a jacket to the beach. After all, they’re headed to a tropical location! However, nights can get chilly in some places once the sun goes down, especially if your skin is damp from swimming. Bring a casual, neutral-colored jacket so it matches everything well.

3. A basic first aid kit: While the resort is likely to have one, you might not want to run to the front desk every time you need a bandage or some ibuprofen. Pack a basic first aid kid with antibiotic ointment, pain killers, gauze, some stick-on bandages and a thermometer, at the very least.

4. A notebook or diary: Pictures capture your everyday experiences on vacation, but if you want to remember everything you were thinking and feeling during the trip, writing it down is important. Bring a small diary along and write in it throughout your trip. You’ll enjoy reading your memories a few years down the road.

5. Closed-toe shoes. Yes, you’ll spend the majority of your time in flip flops or sandals, but it’s a mistake not to bring some closed-toed shoes. Some nicer restaurants might require them, and you’ll want them for toe protection if you go to an outdoor concert.

Items to Leave at Home

1. Expensive jewelry: You don’t need pearls or diamonds to look stunning. If you bring them, you risk losing them. You’re better off sticking to inexpensive, beaded jewelery, which is more in-style on the beach anyways.

2. Camouflage apparel: If you’re wondering who would wear camouflage at the beach, then clearly you don’t need this warning. However, there are always a few people who think camouflage is cool enough for their beach vacation, and they find out the hard way that it’s prohibited in many resort areas, especially in the Caribbean.

3. Non-SPF makeup and facial moisturizers: Perhaps you get away with wearing these at home if you’re not in a sunny area, but if you dare step out in them on the beach, you’ll be sporting a sunburn in no time. Leave the non-SPF makeup and facial moisturizers behind in favor of products that offer at least SPF 15.

4. Beach towels (usually): All-inclusive resorts usually provide these for you, so you’re really just wasting packing space by bringing yours along.

5. Heavy suitcases you can’t carry by hand: These days, most suitcases have wheels and roll along easily. This comes in handy, but remember that when you arrive at your destination, you may have to walk through some sand or along a sandy pathway to reach your hotel. Make sure your bags are light enough to pick up and carry a short distance, if needed.

Many people tend to over-pack when they’re headed to the beach. Remember that you’re going to be laying around and relaxing for a few days. You probably don’t need 12 different outfits or 6 pairs of shoes. Most resorts offer laundry services, too, so if you pack too lightly, you can always wash dirty clothing and wear it again.

Click here to learn more about planning your trip to a beach vacation resort. 

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Why You Should Almost Always Take A Limo To The Airport

A limousine is often associated with luxury and indulgence. This is fair, since a limousine offers an extremely comfortable ride and a high-class experience for passengers. However, quite a few people make a huge mistake by not considering a limousine for their trip to the airport.

The benefits of hiring a limousine–or LAX airport transportation in general–to facilitate your trip to the airport are significant. People who do so tend to have a more comfortable and easier beginning to their journey for a number of reasons.

Reason #1–It’ll Save You Money

Most travelers make the mistake of comparing a car service’s rates for the trip to the cost of airport parking when making their decision. For example, LAX charges $12 per day for economy parking, and $30 each day for parking in the enclosed structure. A four-day trip would appear to cost $48 dollars.

This isn’t completely correct. There are a number of less obvious costs included in driving yourself to the airport, such as:

  • Gasoline costs
  • Exposure to the elements
  • Accident and violation risk

Even when the cost of car service exceeds the actual cost of parking, it can still be financially correct to hire the service. For trips of a longer duration, it’s almost certain that car service will come out ahead in cost over self-park options.

Reason #2–It’ll Eliminate Stress

Airports are bustling hubs of activity. At LAX, almost 700 flights come in and out each day. In order to accommodate so many people and their cargo, certain things are necessary. Airports tend to be very large and laid out in specific ways as a result.

These factors cause airports to be difficult to navigate. Also, if you’re flying during a prime time for departures, traffic to and from the airport can be considerable. Limousines won’t magically eliminate these factors from your life. However, your car service professional will know the best way to navigate through that environment and get you to your destination on time.

Reason #3–You Can Continue to Work

It probably seems intuitive at this point to hire a limousine for a family vacation or a personal trip. That said, many folks neglect to consider the option of hiring car service for their one-day business trips. Again, this is due to the fact that airport parking costs tend to require a couple of days to come out ahead of a car service fee.

What people fail to consider is the hourly cost of the time spent in a car. For instance, the average hourly rate of a graphic designer in Los Angeles is $20.25. If your company is paying you for travel, the hours spent in transit are a loss. In a limousine, you and your laptop can continue to be productive–saving you and your company money and time.

Reason #4–It’s a Lot of Fun

A person’s mindset is often a key determining factor in their enjoyment of any experience. The right attitude can often make a difficult experience bearable–and turn a good experience into a great one. This means that the success and enjoyment of your trip relies heavily on your attitude going into it.

A limousine ride is a rare treat in our life. You’ll get to see your world from the back seat–something that most adults rarely experience. You’ll experience unrivaled comfort, and you’ll be able to eat and drink as you see fit. These factors turn what could otherwise be a dull chore into an entertaining pastime. You and your attitude will almost certainly benefit.

The next time you’re planning your trip to LAX–or any other major airport–don’t just compare the cost of car service to the cost of airport parking. A limo is almost always your best bet, even when the cost appears to be a few dollars higher than self-park options.

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Six Hotel Amenities To Pamper You In Style

Many people are relying on hotel accommodations for business and pleasure these days. Whether you’re staying at a hotel while on vacation, planning a stopover during your overnight business trip, or combining the two, it’s nice to feel comfortable and pampered. With the use of modern technology, hotels are offering lots of ways to make even a short stay more pleasurable. Everything from Smart Phone room access to robotic butlers are making guests feel like they’ve entered a new realm of luxury.

It’s Reality

The next time you book a hotel, inquire about the amenities and you may be pleasantly surprised. While you may expect services such as free WIFI or heated swimming pool, you might not expect to find a robot maid bringing you an extra bar of soap. Here are a few of the latest services designed to indulge the weary (or energetic) traveler:

1. A Robotic Butler

Imagine a hotel utilizing a robot to bring guests towels or room service. It may sound futuristic, but a west coast hotel has employed this mechanical human-like cyborg to fill the position. If it goes over well, there’s no telling how many hotels will follow suit.

What’s the reasoning for hiring a robotic servant? For one thing, it helps the hotel run a more efficient business. By enlisting the robotic butler to deliver room-to-room, staff members are free to complete other work. This saves time and may rev up production.

How does the robot work? The computerized device can be programmed. Apparently, there is a keypad and small touch-screen on the front of the robot, designed for human-to-cyborg interaction. Employees and guests may take part in the exchange.

2. A Special Suite for Pets

Did you know that some hotels are now pampering pets, considering them welcomed guests? Next time you travel with your furry, four-legged companion, you might want to inquire about the pampered pet suite. Some hotels offer a custom pet bed, designer feeding bowls, pet treats and complementary dog (or cat) toy. While staying in such a hotel, you may be inclined to believe it’s a dog’s world after all.

3. Champagne Bubble Bath

Yes, it is quite possible and has been done. Some hotels are offering their pampered guests a relaxing bubble bath that is actually filled with the alcoholic “bubbly”. Considering it may take several dozen bottles of champagne to fill the heated tub, this amenity does not come cheap. Furthermore, don’t be surprised if the champagne bubble bath is drawn by a robotic butler that appears to be transported straight from the Jetsons.

4. Clubhouse for the Kids

Some resort hotels offer a clubhouse designed to entertain young guests – and the young at heart. You may find swimming pools, water slides, even exotic petting zoos. How about a wildlife field guide at your disposal? A safari adventure at a lodging resort? Yes, it’s been done.

5. Aqua Aerobics With Personal Instructor

During your next stay at a popular luxury hotel, why not inquire about an aqua aerobics class? This idea seems to have caught on swimmingly. Guests receive the benefit of fitness and water therapy at the same time. Some find it relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

6. Room Access Via Your Smart Phone

These days, everyone is jumping on the mobile technology bandwagon. If you have a Smart Phone and the proper installed app, you just might find yourself using your mobile device to access your hotel room. Making hotel key-entry a thing of the past, a well-known hotel chain has integrated mobile technology into their services.

This innovation allows guests to open their hotel room doors using their cell phones. With this mobile technology, it’s also possible to actually reserve the room of your choice.

If you are determined to step into the future, the opportunity is there. Enjoy your stay! 

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How To Make The Most Of Your Retirement Savings In Ecuador

If you have started making your plans for retirement, one of the questions that you are probably starting to ponder is where will you spend your time after you retire. While some of your friends and family may be considering the warm, balmy weather of Florida, the cost of living there can still be quite high. You can have warm, balmy weather, and make the most out of your retirement dollars by moving out of the country. If this appeals to you, consider all of the benefits that Ecuador has to offer.

Why Ecuador?

From beachfront, to mountains, to the jungle, you can find all of that and more within a few hours drive in Ecuador. While some places are more off of the beaten path than others, most offers beautiful scenery, and inexpensive living. Does the idea of living well off of less than $20,000 for you and your spouse excite you? You can do this, and can even do it for less living in Ecuador. 

Although real estate is slowly making a comeback, you can find bargains in Ecuador that you cannot find in many other civilized countries throughout the world. You can find very nice Ecuador homes for sale, for less than a quarter of what you would pay in the average American retirement city.

For example: The average cost of a three-bedroom apartment in the middle of a city in Ecuador will run you less than $700 per month, and if you choose to live outside of the city, you can find them for much less. This is less than 14% of what you would pay in a city such as New York. Even with many of the groceries being imported in, you will still spend less than half of what you would pay in a large American city. 

International Living ranked Ecuador its number 1 place to retire in 1999, and this country continues to remain on its list of top 5. This ranking is not only due to the inexpensive cost of living in this country but it is also because of the rich culture, and standard of living that this country offers.

If you love fishing and water sports, you will find these activities there. If you want to spend your days on the golf course, you can do that as well. 

If you are worried about health care as you age, the heath care providers located there show high levels of skill and competency, as well as possess modern equipment for diagnosis and treatment. 

Why Purchase Property?

Unlike many foreign countries, Ecuador is trying to recruit people to move into their country. To get this done, they try to make purchasing property easy. This means that they give those just coming into the country almost equal footing when executing real estate deals. While as an immigrant they do sometimes have special rules. For example: you may have to get permission to purchase a property that is within 50 kilometers of the coast, permission is usually granted. 

The advantages of purchasing property in the country over renting is that owning property in the country will give you an advantage when you choose to apply for your permanent resident visa. It will help to qualify you for an Investor Visa 9-11. The requirements of this visa is that you will are invested in property, or in a certificate of deposit, or bonds. There are five other types of visas to consider:

  • Pensioner Visa 9-1 – If you choose to apply for this visa, you will be required to show that you have at least $800 per month, plus $100 for each of your dependents coming in from a stable source such as Social Security.
  • Industrial Investor Visa 9-111 is for you if you choose to continue to work in export in the areas of industrial, livestock, agricultural, or international trades.
  • Agent Visa 9-IV – If you choose to establish a company in Ecuador, you may be able to apply as an authorized agent for your company.
  • Professional Visa 9-V – If you are a professional who does not mind having your credentials re-validated by an Ecuadorian university, this may be the way for you to get your permanent visa. 
  • Dependent Visa 9-VI – These visas will be issued for blood relatives of Ecuador citizens, or for your dependents once you become a legal resident.

The receipt of any of these will allow you to remain in Ecuador permanently. Until then, you will need to ensure you take the steps to keep your temporary visa in good standing.  

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Choosing The Best Bus For Your Bus Trip

Whether you’re planning a trip for friends and family or organizing a get-together for coworkers and colleagues, planning a charter bus trip is the perfect way for your group to experience new sights and have fun.

When it comes to planning a trip, you aren’t limited to a particular type of bus. The following offers a rundown of the most common types of buses used for charter trips and a few pointers on choosing the right one for your group.


Motorcoaches are the standard for long-distance travel and chartered tours. Not only do most buses offer accommodations for up to 57 passengers and their luggage, they also come with plenty of attractive comfort and convenience features. Reclining seats, TV/DVD systems and working restrooms are just some of the features common on most coaches. Many luxury-oriented coaches offer additional goodies, such as Wi-Fi Internet access and leather seating.

Daily rates for motorcoaches usually start out at around $1,300 and up, depending on the duration of the trip. In most cases, motorcoaches are rented out for one-day trips or on the days of arrival and departure of a destination for multi-day trips.


If you have fewer than 30 passengers on hand, a minibus makes for an excellent alternative to a full-fledged motorcoach. Minibuses offer most, if not all of the amenities of the average motorcoach, save for a restroom. They’re also relatively affordable, with rental costs ranging from $450 to $975.

While most minibuses are intended for relatively short trips under a 150-200 mile radius, many companies offer long-distance mid-sized coaches with the same relative footprint as a minibus, but with a few additional features including a working restroom.

Double-Decker Buses

It’s hard to run out of room on the average motorcoach, but a popular destination can easily bring packed crowds. If you find yourself with more than 60 people on your trip, you’ll definitely want to step up to a double-decker bus.

Rarely seen in the U.S. in years past, double-decker buses are becoming a more common sight on the roads thanks to a few budget-minded bus companies. These buses are well-known for their high-capacity seating, accommodating up to 84 passengers at once. Double-decker buses offer most, if not all of the conveniences of the average motorcoach on moderate to long trips, but they’re also more expensive to hire out.

School Buses

Don’t laugh – those bright safety orange-colored conveyances of your youth make for a surprisingly economical form of transport for you and your guests. The average cost of a rental runs from about $350 to as much as $925, making them surprisingly affordable to hire as well.

The average school bus accommodates up to 44 adults or 65 children, on average. However, most school buses lack the luggage storage space of ordinary motorcoaches, as well as the restroom facilities or the smooth ride offered by larger buses either. For this reason, you’ll want to limit your trips to a 200-mile radius and plan for pit stops along the way.  

Finding the Perfect Bus Size

Finding the right bus size isn’t as difficult as it might seem. Keep the following pointers in mind as you make your plans with charter bus services:

  • Get a head-count of the number of guests accompanying you on the trip. Be sure to set a deadline, as you don’t want last-minute additions to throw your plans off-balance.
  • Figure out how far you’re going and how many days you intend to reserve the bus. Keep passenger comfort and convenience in mind. After all, a motorcoach is supremely more comfortable than a school bus for those long-distance journeys.
  • Make sure your destination can accommodate the bus you’ve chosen. Most places offer parking for motorcoaches just for this reason.

Following the above advice will make your bus trip planning much easier, especially when it comes to choosing the right type of bus for your journey.

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Taxi Tips For The Beginning Taxi Traveler

Using a taxi is an essential skill for any traveler. As USA Today reports, taxis are a great alternative to renting a car. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up paying for it, literally. So follow the below tips for successful taxi travel:

Tip #1: Not All Cabs Are Created Equal

You need to be picky about what cabs you use. The best services will have company names clearly displayed on the sides of their cars, registered plates, a meter in the car, and a working taxi light on top. The fewer of these features your cab has, the more sketchy your service will be. Asking locals or the hotel desk is a sure-fire reference point for knowing which cabs are best. Being selective rather than taking whichever stops will help ensure you get quality taxi service.

Tip #2: Order Your Cab

If you know you’ll need a cab, and you know which companies are trustworthy, ordering your cab ahead of time is a great idea. This is especially true if you’ll have special requirements, such as:

  • space for extra bags
  • enough people that you’ll need a family-sized cab
  • someone in a wheelchair who needs access to the vehicle
  • a driver who knows an obscure location particularly well

Ordering your cab makes sure you get exactly what you need to make your trip as comfortable and convenient as possible. 

Tip #3: Use Your Driver As A Resource

If you’ve followed the first two tips, you should have a driver you can trust reasonably well, and you should use them as a resource. In fact, cab drivers can be the best resource on a trip. They’ve driven everywhere in the city, so ask them for their tips on the best food, sightseeing, hotels, and deals. They’ll be happy to share their expertise of the city they love with someone like you!

Tip #4: Avoid the Scammers

Unfortunately, tourists can be easy to spot and can thus be an easy target for scams. This applies when getting a taxi as well. You can’t always order a taxi or ask for referrals–sometimes you need to take whatever taxi is there. In those situations, follow the below advice to make sure you avoid being scammed:

  • Know the fare: Ask your driver beforehand how much they charge so at the end of the ride you’re not faced with an obscene bill.
  • No means no: Some drivers try to tack on a last minute charge for traffic, getting lost, or handling bags. If it wasn’t in the agreed fare, say no and stick to it until the driver backs down.
  • Keep it with you: If you can keep your bags with you rather than put them in the trunk, do so for two reasons. First, if there’s something you can forget, you will forget it–and good luck finding it once the cab is gone! Second, if your driver wants to tack on an extra fee and he has your bags ransom in the trunk, you’ve really lost all power to say no. So if possible, keep your bags with you.
  • Give specific directions: Knowing where you need to go and the directions for getting there will prevent a driver from taking an unnecessarily long route to charge you more.
  • Carry a variety of bills: If your ride cost $15 and all you have is a $20, your driver may pretend not to have change as an excuse to keep the extra tip. By carrying a variety of bills, you can give the exact amount without having to haggle over change. 

Taxi’s are a part of the travel experience. By using these tips, you can make sure it’s a positive part. Continue to learn more here.

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Going On A Business Trip? 4 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Quiet While He’s Alone In A Hotel Room

Will you be taking your dog with you on your next business trip? If you and your pup will be staying at a hotel, you’re probably nervous that he’ll raise a ruckus when he’s left alone in your room. He’ll be in a strange place, with strange noises and unfamiliar smells — the perfect combination of things to bring on a full-fledged separation anxiety attack.

Don’t make poor old Fido stay home because he gets a bit lippy when left to his own devices. Instead, bring him along and quell his barking with the below 4 tips for keeping your dog quiet when he’s alone in a pet-friendly hotel room you found at places like GoDoggy Vacations

1.  Take Long Morning Walks Together

It’s hard to feel anxious when you’re tired; schedule a nice long jaunt in the park for you and your companion each morning. Try to find a park where you can let your friend run off-leash so he can really wear down his energy level before you leave to take care of business for the day.

Your dog picks up a lot more information from his environment than you do. He’ll experience all kinds of sensations while on your walk together — the feel of the grass on his feet, whiffs of curious canines who have walked in his path before him — it’s the human equivalent of going to a theme park, or a college rave party. 

Since most dogs require roughly 14 hours of sleep a day, Rover won’t have any choice but to crash and burn with a nice long nap after returning from his morning splendor.

2.  Leave The Television On

If your hotel room doesn’t include cable or satellite service, it’s a good idea to spring for it. Having some background noise will make your puppy-pal feel less alone while you’re out. Furthermore, your dog is likely to unleash his vocals if he hears people in the hallways or in bordering rooms; the sound of the television can help mask these triggers.

3.  Build The Ultimate Time-Killer

You’ve probably seen those hard rubber dog toys that have holes in them for treat-hiding fun. The toys are indestructible and immensely interesting to your pup, but not quite enough to keep him occupied for the time equivalent of a full day’s work. 

Get a treat-hiding toy for your four-legged kin, but vamp it up so the challenge will take him a little longer to complete. Instead of sticking a treat or two inside the hollow, pack that thing tight with dog food, and all kinds of edible treasures. Dog-friendly human foods include peanut butter, baby carrots, cheese, and apple slices. 

Once you’ve got the toy filled to the brim with irresistible goodies, stick it in the freezer overnight. Freezing it will greatly prolong the amount of time it takes your dog to work his way to the good stuff.

Pull the toy out and give it to your dog right before you leave the hotel room; he’ll be impressed with the challenge you’ve presented him with and will spend all day licking down that block of ice inside the toy’s hole to get the bounty of nom noms you’ve bestowed upon him. 

4.  Don’t Lavish Him With Love Before You Leave

Your furry bundle of joy feeds off of your energy. If you freak out and get all excited on him right before you leave, he’s going to respond with an equal level of excitement. The problem is, you’ll be gone, and that excitement will manifest as constant, annoying barking, whining, and whimpering that the guests in the bordering rooms will have to endure.

It’s understandable that you’re happy to see your dog after a long day of business meetings, but try to refrain from immediately showering him with attention.

Instead, try not to look at or speak to your pup for a few minutes following your return to your temporary home. Once he’s totally calm and not jumping about, then it’s okay to reinforce his good behavior by giving him some loving and rubbing. 

If have business dealings that require you to be away from home, don’t be afraid to bring your dog with you to a pet-friendly hotel. With the above 4 tips, it will be a vacation for him, and he’ll be far too calm, content, and tuckered to waste his time barking away the day.

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How The Internet Can Help You Throw A Fabulous Family Reunion

If it’s your turn to plan and organize the next family reunion, don’t panic — the Internet can help you throw the best bash ever! Here are five ways that using online resources can streamline reunion planning and make it a pleasure rather than a pain:

Make a Social Media Page for Your Reunion

This should be a temporary page where you explain the basics, such as where the reunion is being held and how long it will last. This will provide family members with a central place to discuss details of the upcoming event among themselves. For instance, those who are driving may be able to offer an extra seat in their vehicle, and those who live in the community where the reunion is taking place might want to offer their guest room to out-of-town attendees. Basically, the page will provide a convenient catch-all service for everyone involved. After the reunion is over, you can use it as a commemorative page where people can post photographs and discuss the good times that they had at the reunion.

Organize Potluck Details

Traditional family reunions are potluck affairs where everyone brings a dish that they’re particularity good at making. Organizing potlucks and keeping track of who’s bringing what is easy when you use an online sign-up sheet that all of the attendees have access to. You’ll also be able to tell at a glance if all food groups are well-represented and make necessary arrangements to balance things out if they aren’t.

Hire Help!

Even if potluck is going to provide the majority of the food, hiring help for cleanup will be appreciated by everyone in attendance. If you decide to supplement the potluck fare with catered food and beverages, you’ll be able to easily compare prices and services of local catering companies online rather than having to call each one individually.

Print Out Invitations

Even though you can easily send invitations via email, paper invitations are a classy touch, and they’re fun to create. There are plenty of online programs that allow you to choose from a large variety of designs, or, if you’re the artistic type, you can design the invitations yourself and provide each of the attendees with a precious memento.

Coordinate Lodging Options

Reunion attendees who are coming from out of town will appreciate being provided with several lodging options for the duration of their stay. Keep in mind that even if you or other family members are willing to open up your homes to visiting reunion attendees, many people would prefer to stay in a hotel room — for those who express that preference, it’s best not to push them to do otherwise. Provide them with local hotel rates and let them make their own choices concerning accommodations.

Donate Button!

This is probably one of the best perks of organizing your family reunion using online resources. Family reunions can be expensive, particularly if going the catering or banquet route rather than holding a potluck. You can place a donate button directly onto your family reunion website via money-transferring services such as PayPal. This saves you the hassle of having to mention to everyone individually that donations to help cover expenses are appreciated — and it also spares those who would like to attend but don’t have extra funds from having to offer embarrassing explanations.

Order Souvenirs

Personalized hats, t-shirts, and sweatshirts are wonderful ways to provide reunion attendees with meaningful souvenirs. Many companies that provide these services have convenient online order forms, and you can arrange to have the items shipped directly to your home.

Instant Communication

Best of all, online resources provide instant communication for everyone involved — no telephone tag or waiting on snail mail during the coordination process. Good communication circumvents misunderstandings, leaving you and everyone free to make the most of the reunion and enjoy each other’s company.

Be sure to visit http://www.stgeorgeclarionsuites.com as you’re planning for the upcoming family reunion. 

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Are you the parent of a special needs child? I am, and I know how difficult it can make planning for a vacation and actually going on the trip. We have done our best to keep my son's disabilities from preventing the family from taking a yearly vacation and, in most cases, have succeeded. The key to making it work is careful planning and communicating with the resorts and entertainment establishments that we go to. We have learned about so many special needs programs that have made going on these vacations possible. Visit my site to learn about some of the programs that can help you make your family's vacations easier for everyone.


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